GTM engagement 2.0‍

Engage prospects and customers, on autopilot

Our AI leads discovery calls, runs product demos, and books next-steps, 24/7 and at a fraction of the cost of traditional teams

Your GTM Ai

Sale teams engage with 1% of their leads... Give the remaining 99% of prospects another way to engage, while decreasing Customer Acquisition Costs

Engaging audio conversations in any language, at anytime

Participants begin each chat in "Audio-only" mode, where the user and Gem, the AI representative, engage in a back-and-forth audible conversation. The user has the option to switch to "Text-mode" if they are in a noisy environment or around other people. Notably, when users remain in audio mode, the amount of feedback increases by a factor of 4x!

Load your products in and create AI-led demo flows

Automate light AI-led product demos to get your prospects excited about using your products. By leveraging AI to facilitate a brief discovery process, the product demo is tailored to the participant's specific situation. The conversation transcript is saved and analyzed in ChatGems, with key information being pushed to your CRM.

Gift card distribution to 11x participation

Optionally attach gift cards to dramatically increase participation. This process is entirely managed within ChatGems, eliminating the need for manual follow-ups or integrating workflows. With AI handling the conversation and data collection, you save on overhead costs, allowing you to pass on these savings to participants.

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